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Bikini Dare – Pamela and her open crotch bikini

Pamela is the prime example of the girls we have here at bikini dare. She’s got the sexiest shapes you will ever see and you can be sure that that skimpy bikini she wore for the shoot just made her look even hotter. I mean just look at those perfect tits trying to bust out of that tight bikini top, how can you not love the view that this girl put on for us. If her sexy big boobs are not turning you on at all, however i doubt that, take a look at her sweet pussy lips! You can see how good she feels about herself, Pamela is really cofident in herself but who would not feel that way with such a great body. She loves spending her time on the sunny white sand beaches so we always make sure to meet her and take pictures of her, specially when she wears bikinis like this one. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and we can’t wait to have her back! Enjoy.

pamela in her super sexy crotch-less bikini

Enjoy Pamela in her super sexy open crotch bikini!